Terms & Conditions—

It is important to read terms and conditions of the product while purchasing. If you order any product, it means you are completely agree with the terms and conditions of website. Because, we want to be honest for you and that’s why, we advice to read terms and conditions before buying the product.


Plus, you will get different different offers of each product. Because, manufacturer are different and they provide offers according to their desire. If you are buying any product in a right manner then it will helpful in the case of any dispute. However, it will not happen in www.thorsupplement.com. Because, our website provides full information about the product and all the products are approved by FDA and various tested labs of USA. But, here are some important things which should be remember while using any product:-


  • If you are facing any allergy or other harm then do not use these products. You can use products after consulting doctor.
  • Any lady who is pregnant or breastfeeding, she can’t use this product.
  • Every product have their resctricted age. So, use product according to their prescriptions.


Above are the main things to remember. However, you can get these details on every article of product. But, before buying any product, terms and conditions are essential to read. It will help you in getting more information about the product.