Privacy Policy—

As we mentioned above that all the products available on are of natural quality. There are no any binders or chemicals included in the product. So, without any stress, one can easily use these products.


Secondly, payment are secure and safe on because all are online. You don’t need to take any stress about the payment. You just have to fill up some essential details while buying product. Information like, Name, Address, Phone number, payment option etc.


Your information will be secure and we will give you right information about the product. You can also check the information on our website compared to other sites. However, we can use your information for other objectives which are not public. In other words, for update in our record, we can use your name so that we can find out your information when needed.


Note:- Your information will be private on because we do not leak information about our customers. Your safety is our first priority and that’s why, we always be honest for you.